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Oregon’s COBID Program

If you’re looking to expand your business, COBID may be the right place to start. The state of Oregon’s COBID certification program promotes small business participation and inclusion. The program certifies firms owned and operated by individuals with low-income status, requires subcontractors to report on their COBID usage, and extends certification for a year. The COBID certification is an excellent way to ensure that your company is meeting government regulations.

COBID is an Oregon state agency that promotes inclusion and participation of small businesses

The Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) manages programs that increase opportunities for emerging and disadvantaged small businesses. These programs include minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, service-disabled veterans, and small businesses that are new to Oregon. These programs promote inclusion and participation in small businesses through the government contracting process, and the COBID certifies qualified businesses to ensure access to these opportunities.

The Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBD) is an excellent resource for information about government programs and services. Their Regional Development Officers are there to help small businesses with business planning and development. The office also has an online directory of certified firms. By establishing socially disadvantaged status, an individual can also be COBID-certified. The Oregon Business Development Department, which is the COBID’s parent organization, administers the Unified Certification Program.

It certifies firms owned by economically disadvantaged individuals

COBID certification of firms is based on a specific criteria. To qualify for the COBD certification program, a socially and economically disadvantaged individual must control the firm, have controlling ownership interest, and enjoy the customary incidents of ownership. The individual must have directly held securities in the firm. COBID does not consider assets held in trust or under the control of a guardian.

COID certification allows a business to compete for government contracts and receive favorable treatment in the procurement process. By having certification, a company can compete for government contracts without regard to its ownership. The state of Oregon encourages the participation of certified businesses in government procurement. In addition, companies that hold COBD certification can participate in networking events and access marketing tools. Additionally, the CBID website has a frequently asked questions page, which answers questions about certification.


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