How to Convert Files With Freeconvert

If you’re looking to convert a file or several files, it’s likely you’ve used Freeconvert. This online converter has a wide range of file formats and supports images, audio, documents, and archives. In addition to common file types, you can choose to convert your files to specific devices or use them on a particular program. You can even convert up to five files at a time, and you can control file size, frame rate, and codecs as needed. Online-convert even provides useful information on the different formats it supports.

Convert video

Whether you’re looking to convert a video to a different file format or to a different medium, you can do so using Freemake supports more than 500 video and audio file formats. The program can convert even the heaviest 4K, HD, or 1080p files without compromising quality. You can save your account information for regular use and even convert more than one file at once.

Convert documents

If you need to convert your documents to different formats, this site is an excellent choice. You can convert MP4 to MP3, e-books to the appropriate e-book format, images to PNGs, and documents to PDF. You can also convert PowerPoint presentations into PDFs. You can use this site to convert files, and it can also crop videos. You can use the site to convert documents to any format.

Convert archives

Freeconvert archives is a free online tool to convert files between different formats. You can use it to convert various files including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, CBR, BZIP2, TAR and more. The software also includes features such as merging, rearranging, deleting, and even a sound explorer. You can use the tool to convert various types of files, including RAR, TAR, and ZIP.

Convert video to hd

Using a free online converter like, you can convert your video to HD or a higher resolution without compromising the quality. In addition to converting video formats, the converter also lets you change output settings, such as resolution and screen size. Once you’ve chosen your output settings, you can upload the video file to start the conversion process. You can also select the output format from a drop-down list of available formats.

Convert audio to mp3

If you need to convert audio files to MP3 format, you can try the free online converter. However, this converter only supports a few audio formats, so you can’t really convert any kind of audio file for free. Moreover, you’ll have to wait for the conversion process to finish. Thankfully, there are some free online converters that can help you out. Listed below are three ways that you can convert your audio files to MP3 format.

Convert images to jpg

You might be wondering how to convert images from JPG to PNG. While JPG files are smaller, PNG files are bigger. JPGs have a smaller file size and are ideal for web use. These files are also compressed for minimal loading time. They can display transparent backgrounds and can be saved in any number of formats. There are many ways to convert your images, and Freeconvert com is one of them.

Convert PDF to doc

When you need to convert a PDF file into an editable Word document, there are a number of free PDF to Word converters available online. Word to pdf converters are designed to convert files from non-editable PDF formats into editable Word documents. Some of these tools can even convert PDF to DOCX. Below are a few of our favorites. We’ll run through each one and give you a brief description of the benefits of each.

Convert Excel to xls

To convert Excel 2007-2016 to XLSX format, use The software offers a variety of export options so you can choose from a variety of file formats. The resulting document will be editable with the help of tools such as Auto Spell Check. If you need to protect your data from hackers, you can also set a password and make it protected.


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