Movie Theaters in Jackson, Tennessee

If you are looking for a nice place to go for a movie, then consider a Jackson, TN movie theater. The movie theaters in Jackson, TN are all listed with their hours of operation and driving directions. You can also check out the arcade games and other childrens entertainment. To find out more about a Jackson, TN movie theater, please read the following article. The article will give you all the information you need to enjoy a movie there.

Empire 8 Theatres

The new Empire 8 Theatres in Jackson, Tennessee are expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2018. The eight screens will be home to the latest movies, and one screen will feature a NEC laser projector, one of the industry’s best. The theatres are a part of a development project by Phoenix Entertainment and Gary A. Taylor Investment Company. The theatres have a love seat-style seating and a 11.1 surround sound system.

The theatres have three auditoriums, one of which is “ETX” or “Empire Theatre X-perience.” The ‘ETX’ auditorium has armrests that raise, the only one of its kind in Tennessee, and the only NEC laser projection system in Tennessee. It also features an 11.1 premium digital sound system and immersive surround sound. The cinemas also have 2D and 3D films.

The theatre is owned and operated by Phoenix Theatres Entertainment and opened on April 19, 2019. It has two theaters, a drive-in theatre, and an IMAX auditorium. This new facility is reportedly the largest of its kind in the country. Its eight screens are in the state’s capital. The Phoenix Empire Theatres 8 is located in Jackson, Tennessee, near downtown Memphis. It is the largest movie theatre management company in the world, with over 100 screens in eight locations across eight states.


Using to find the times of upcoming films in Jackson, Tennessee is easy. Simply type in the title of the film and click the “Check Showtimes” button to view all the available times. Movie showtimes may be subject to change without prior notice. This information is not a substitute for visiting a local movie theater. However, these showtimes are generally a reliable guide to movie times in Jackson.


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