How to Choose Laptops for Your Workforce

Most people have heard of a company car, and in some lucky instances, even a company home. However, in 2022, more tech-based businesses are offering their staff company laptops, allowing them to perform their work-based duties, while also allowing the bosses to invest in the most up-to-date equipment.

Yet, choosing the right laptops can be tough for bosses who want to get the most out of their workers. What exactly are some of the areas you need to consider when choosing laptops for your staff?


The first thing any business owner will look at when it comes to choosing laptops for their workforce is the cost. How much are you willing to spend?

While it can be cheaper to opt for unbranded laptops, it’s worth noting that there are lots of brand-named laptops that are affordable, and offer a wide range of advantages, such as those sold on

Operating System

There is no way around it; some clients will only hire businesses that use certain operating systems. This is due in part to status and, of course, the quality of the final product that they are asking for. 

So, when it comes to considering your company or business, it is well worth taking a step back and looking at what it is you do. If you are a graphics design company, then you will want an operating system that can run digital imagery software. If you are a writing firm, then you will want an operating system associated with writing software. Just be careful not to go with the trend and aim to choose the best option for your workforce.

Hybrid or Not?

A lot of the laptops that are popular in 2022 are hybrid laptops, also known as 2-in-1’s. In short, these can be a great thing to invest in for your staff if they are going to be working from home and in the office. 

Why? Because you can remove the monitor from the keyboard, allowing the laptop to become a tablet, which is great if you have a workforce that needs to be going out and about meeting clients, as this is a lightweight option. However, while hybrids are ideal for multifunction’s, it can be a bit tougher to specialize them for areas, such as arts and graphics, due in part to the GPU or graphics processing unit being smaller. 

Rent or Not?

Many bosses add up the cost of buying laptops for their staff and notice that the total due is eyewatering. This, in turn, has led to many businesses offering specialized laptops to other businesses for a rental price, which is usually per month.

The costs you pay will vary based on what it is that you require from the laptops, and even how long you intend to rent them for, but this can be a real money saver for businesses that are starting up. Plus, of course, you have the added benefit of having someone on hand to sort out any issues if the laptop stops working or becomes damaged.


2-in-1 or hybrid laptops often come with a detachable screen, which is a touchscreen. However, this will not be a benefit if you are looking for a laptop for a group of writers. Touchscreens can be a boon for those who are looking to use graphics-based software, so they should not be overlooked if you work in this area.


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