How to Pause the Internet With the Piso WiFi App

If you’re using the Piso WiFi app, you may be wondering how to pause the internet connection. The Piso WiFi app has several features that you can use to manage your connection. For instance, you can check your usage and buy different packages by inserting coins. After you’ve found the right one, you can pause the internet connection and reconnect when you need it.

IP address

Piso WiFi is a great wireless service that allows you to create a private Wi-Fi network without using a public one. Moreover, the company offers the option of controlling the bandwidth and pause time. All you need to do is visit the IP address of the Piso WiFi machine to pause or resume internet service. This way, you can manage your data use without overspending or paying for data that you’re not using.

The pause time IP address is available in two formats – one for local use and one for remote access. The first IP address can be used to connect to the Piso WiFi device and the second one is for remote access. The first one is the default IP address and can be changed manually using the software.


The pause time function on Piso WiFi lets you control the length of your association with the internet. This will help you save money on your internet connection, especially if you are an avid web user. You can pause your connection for as long as you like, and then resume it whenever you’re ready.

To use the pause time function on your Piso WiFi router, first log in to the admin portal. Then, click on the “Settings” link. On the next page, choose Wi-Fi as the wireless connection type. You will also need to enter your valid email address and phone number. The customer support team will then walk you through the rest of the process.

The pause time function on Piso WiFi is another great feature. If you are constantly connected to the internet and you want to save data on public wifi networks, you can pause the connection while you are not using it. The pause time function also allows you to change the password for your account.

Logging in

If your Piso WiFi connection has suddenly stopped working, you may need to change the pause time on your device. To do this, visit the Piso website and click on the “Settings” link. You will need to change the default password as well. After the new password is confirmed, restart your connected devices to restore the connection.

Once you have made the changes, you can start using your Piso wifi service. The default web interface is easy to use, so you can navigate the settings without any difficulty. In addition, you can find the Wi-Fi settings by typing the network name or IP address. If you accidentally log out, go back to the login page and re-login. Alternatively, you can restart your computer and internet connection to resume working on your Piso wifi.


The pause time feature on Piso WiFi lets you temporarily suspend your internet connection and resume it at a later time. This is useful when you’re downloading large files, watching movies, or playing online games. This feature works by broadcasting a special identifier that tells the router that you’re paused. This can help you avoid being bombarded by ads or using too much data.

The administrator portal of Piso WiFi allows you to manage your bandwidth and decide how long the WiFi will be active. The pause time feature can be very useful in public wifi networks where data can be expensive. If you’re going to be away for a long time, you can pause the connection for a specific amount of time. This will save data and let you reconnect when you’re back.


The Piso WiFi is a wireless router that allows you to pause and resume internet access. If you find that you are constantly using more data than you need, you can use the pause time feature to avoid wasting money. It works with both mobile and desktop devices.

To pause your internet connection, go to your router’s web interface and type You can specify how long you wish to pause your internet connection. When you are finished, you can simply visit the same address and resume web association. This is an excellent feature for frequent internet users.

The pause time feature can help you troubleshoot connectivity problems by allowing you to log into the router’s Admin Panel and configure settings. The Piso WiFi pause time feature is available on compatible devices and is enabled by default.


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