BeforeItsNews is an internet platform that allows users to host and distribute news and information of any kind, worldwide. The company was founded by the founder of Flashcoin, a cryptocurrency that was briefly mentioned in The Epoch Times. The founder of BeforeItsNews also founded a secure messaging platform called Unseen.

Before Its News is an internet platform that enables the hosting and distribution of any kind of news, worldwide

The internet is a powerful platform for publishing news. Currently, cable TV is a never-ending parade of ads and echo chambers for ideology, but the mobile phone and internet revolution are bringing the world closer to the democratization of news. Before Its News aims to help people everywhere get their news without the filters.

Before Its News is a new internet platform that will allow publishers, journalists and news organisations to distribute any kind of news, worldwide, for free. The service will feature news from the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. The first version of the website will launch in early 2019.

Its industry

BeforeItsNews uses a user-generated content algorithm to select content with the highest impact on social media. The system also prioritizes stories with depth and credibility. BeforeItsNews can be set up in as little as an hour. It also uses a social media monitoring system to measure how well stories perform.

BeforeItsNews has been a hit among readers who are sick of mainstream media. The site promises unique stories, and has delivered on that promise for nearly ten years. BeforeItsNews has hundreds of thousands of articles from writers from a variety of backgrounds. Because the site is so large, stories vary in quality.

BeforeItsNews has a community of news creators and journalists. Anyone can join and contribute to the website. By enabling anyone to contribute, BeforeItsNews offers a state-of-the-art platform for journalism. The site allows trusted individuals from all over the world to contribute their news stories. Users can also contribute to the stories by participating in them. BeforeItsNews is a utility that provides hosting and distribution services to hundreds of valuable news sources.


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